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Everybody out there, your story is important. Don't stay in your shell for it to go unhead. Go out there and tell your story because someone wants to hear it. Change the world with your story.

 At MyEducationMyStory, we strive for the well-being of all. Our programs and activities have been designed to help community members achieve their goals and achieve their potential. Education, whether it is a boy or a girl, is the greatest gift a parent could give to a child in this century. Share your stories with the world about how education has changed your life. MyEducation MyStory to motivate others.

Share Your Story

We value your story and we will be very proud to see you sharing your #Educational #Story to inspire others.



What do you gain when you share your story?


As a motivator, you will be offering new hope and a new path. You have unique backstories that will be drawn on to inspire others. You have overcome life-threatening situations, obstacles such as poverty, poor education, unemployment... You started out poor and ended up rich or in a wealthy stage now.


When our readers read the first-person account of triumph over adversity, they could be inspired to overcome the adversities they face in their own lives or in the workplace/school that are often trivial by comparison. They can feed off of your motivation, passion and enthusiasm as motivators. You are the change agent our community wants to know.



Stories to change you

Strengthening our commitment

Through this initiative, our goal is to multiply the opportunities for those who need them. It is by having access to the necessary resources that people can achieve their full potential and gain the confidence they need to reach their full potential. To learn more about our work, please contact our team today or visti our about.

  • Education Materials Donation
    Any Time - Any Day
    Any Time - Any Day
    Accra, Accra, Ghana
    My Education My Story in collaboration with CKdailies and Youth for Peaceful Election-YOPEC accepts donation in kind and cash to support Education in Ghana
  •  Mobile App Development Bootcamp
    lun. 30 août
    Community Twenty
    30 août, 07:00 UTC – 17 sept., 17:00 UTC
    Community Twenty, Sunflower St, Ghana
    The National Female Pre-Tech Training Program is an initiative to introduce young women between the ages of 18-35 years into IT related careers by pushing them away from the socially and biologically stipulated gender roles assigned to them. In conjunction with Ghana Tech Labs, the 131 Sunflower Hub


321, route St Nazaire



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